Meet Michelle


Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care and Currently Studying for the Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care

Michelle is a “can do”, no-nonsense mum of three girls who has stepped up and taken on extra study to achieve the Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care.  This commitment to her study is a testament to the type of person Michelle is.  She gets things done efficiently, effectively and graciously, she is highly motivated and one of the most amenable people you would meet.  She also has an uncanny ability to predict a child's behaviour, which can often avoid a situation escalating to another level.

Michelle is always smiling and has a great sense of humour, which makes her fun to be around. Coming from a large family herself she understands the importance of hard work and commitment and is very aware of the significance of working together to get things done. 

Professionally, Michelle has proven her ability to assess and program activities using the latest teaching methods very proficiently.  She always shows a willingness to take on new challenges with enthusiasm and a genuine desire to increase her knowledge in childcare.  Michelle is a very well-respected and valued member of the MELC team.

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