MELC Kitchen

At MELC, we believe in making meal times fun and interesting – after all, it’s an important part of our children’s development.

Toddlers and pre-schoolers are at an age when they start to show their independence and often have a reputation for being fussy eaters. Well have no fear, our MELC chefs have made a huge impact on the tastebuds of our Maraylya munchkins.

Our kitchen team - featuring a qualified chef and highly experienced cooks - has an innovative approach to enticing children to try a variety of tastes and textures that has proven to be a big hit with our children and parents alike!  Using a wonderful range of recipes, coupled with clever ideas to make the food look “child-friendly”, they produce meals and snacks that are both nutritionally balanced and delicious. All meals are made on the premises with no preservatives or artificial colourings or flavourings. We even have our own vegetable and herb garden to use in our cooking!

Themed Days

Throughout the year, we orient our meals around specific programming. For example, we often talk about different countries and cultures, and what better way is there for the children to get a feel for multiculturalism than to try food from different regions?

Some examples of what we have done include:

  • Chinese Chicken Chow Mein (using chopsticks)
  • Indian potatoes dhal with cheese and garlic naan
  • Mexican burritos
  • Italian toasted ciabbata, lasagne, fettucini bosciola
  • Pad Thai
  • Lebanese mjuddra
  • French chicken provincial
  • Russian beef stroganoff 
  • Hungarian chicken paprika

We also use meal times as an opportunity to teach the children table etiquette and self-serving skills – all with a little help of course!  We focus on:

  • Setting the table
  • Table manners
  • Using knives, forks and serving utensils
  • Serving the food
  • Pouring drinks
  • Cleaning up

Getting Started Is Easy

At MELC we are big enough to cater for the needs of most families – but small enough to make sure you feel like part of our extended family.


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