Meet Cayley


Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care

Cayley is a considerate and caring person who has become a wonderful asset to the MELC team.  She is warm, caring and motivated and has developed close relationships with the children.  The children respond to her gentle and understanding manner and enjoy being around her.  Cayley has strong sense community and enjoys being involved as a volunteer fire fighter in the area where she lives.  This is an example of her selfless attitude and generous spirit and that attitude is reflected in her interactions and connections with the children.

Professionally, Cayley has been an instrumental in the implementation of Story Park into our MELC system.  This is a new and exciting communication system that engages our families with their children and our staff whilst at MELC. Cayley was critical in explaining and teaching all the staff how to understand, operate and get the most out of the features of the system.  Her enthusiasm and patience was endless and greatly appreciated.  It was another example of her dedication and enthusiasm for helping to improve and advance MELC in any way she can.

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