Meet Angela


Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Social Science

Angela has nearly 20 years of experience in early childhood teaching and 11 years as Director of Teaching at MELC. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing our program development, writing and revising policies, and ensuring that MELC keeps up with current educational theories as well as supporting all the staff.

Angela is passionate about embracing developments in early childhood teaching and using the Early Years Learning framework as a foundation for our curriculum and further development.  Her dedication to her role has resulted in MELC's outstanding results and reputation for education and care in the Hawkesbury District.

Some of Angela's key strengths include her ability to consistently come up with interesting and original ideas, aimed at stimulating and encouraging early learning, as well as keeping our staff informed and motivated.  A team lead by Angela developed our innovative MELC Prep Program, to ensure that we have the highest quality school readiness program available, and the results speak for themselves.

Being a mum herself, Angela has the ability to liaise well with both staff and parents. We are extremely fortunate to have someone of Angela's calibre working with us - a self motivated team-player who leads by example and is always prepared to get involved at any level. With her high professional standards and her ability to help and guide others to achieve those standards, she is the model leader.

As well as being an incredibly dedicated member of the MELC team, Angela is a well-accomplished horsewoman who has achieved success at the highest level in her sport.  So, it goes without saying, anything that Angela is involved in is always done at the highest level and she always strives for excellence in all that she does. 

Angela is a true leader who has gained the respect of all that know her.


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