Meet Gail



Gail brings an incredible energy and commitment to the MELC kitchen.  She has been with us for over ten years and the reputation we have gained for outstanding quality and variety of food is largely accredited to her.

She constantly strives to meet the needs of the children and accommodates any staff requests.  Gail has a real ‘can do’ attitude and can adjust quickly and effectively to any situation thrown at her. She sets the highest standards and moves at a pace with which few can compete. Gail has an exciting energy and is dedicated to high quality cooking for the children, always offering that extra help if needed at meal times. 

Gail has completed all the necessary courses and is qualified to prepare children’s food.  She is always looking for new and interesting ways to tempt even the fussiest eaters and gets great personal satisfaction from seeing the children enjoying their food.  Gail only uses fresh ingredients and all of meals she prepares are nutritionally balanced, making sure to cover all the necessary foods group requirements. 

When she can, Gail also enjoys the opportunity to work in the rooms with the children, giving her an insight that most cooks probably don’t get.  Because she is so versatile, her value to the MELC team is tremendous.   She is bright, happy, positive and a pleasure to be around.


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