Meet Eliza


Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care


Eliza first came to MELC to complete the Practical and Placement component of her study.  We were so impressed with her initiative and creativity that we asked her to stay! 

Eliza showed that she was conscientious and hard-working with the goal of becoming a great educator.  Since becoming part of the MELC team she has proven that she is competent in programming and teaching and she certainly has a bright future.  She is incredibly easy to get along with and has become a very popular member of the MELC team with staff, children and their families.

Having a gentle disposition and maturity not often seen in a person of her age,  Eliza is motivated to do well and dedicated to providing quality education using the latest teaching methods.  With her fresh and enthusiastic approach she is always looking for ways to improve her skills and this is reflected in the things she does for the children. Eliza has a delightful way with them and they are charmed by her calmness and kindness,  responding in such a positive way that it is delightful to see.

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