Meet Monica


Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care

Monica is one of our most dynamic and interesting MELC team members.  With so much to offer Monica constantly goes above and beyond to make sure her children are happy and content.  She has an incredible flair for fun, as well as a strong dedication to quality teaching, and her initiative and creativity in programming ensure there is always something new and interesting to see in the room!

As a mum, Monica completely understands the pressures and challenges that parents face daily.  She has endless patience and tolerance, and has a gift for being compassionate and solution orientated. 

Monica is very professional in her approach to teaching, using the latest methods and practices to gain fantastic results.  She has a particular aptitude for dealing with children who have special requirements and consistently demonstrates her sensitivity and ability to adjust situations and conditions to suit each child’s individual needs.

Everyone at MELC loves working with Monica, her positive energy is contagious and a beaming smile is never far from her face. 

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