Meet Ashleigh


Diploma in Early Childhood Education and currently studying at Macquarie University for a Degree in Teaching

Ashleigh is bright and bubbly with a great sense of fun, which endears her to the children. She is warm and caring and very popular with her peers -  bringing a cheerful and inviting feel to any room. 

Ashleigh has great communication skills and is able to capture and relay information very effectively with children.  She has the ability to assess them and program activities to suit their individual abilities and is a great example of a dedicated and devoted teacher. Not only that, Ashleigh is

energetic with a unique sparkle, loves any excuse to play dress up, and is always entertaining to be around. 

Professionally, Ashleigh has excelled and it is fantastic to see her advancing herself academically with the challenge of university.  She is a very proficient teacher and her programming and portfolio presentation is outstanding.  Ashleigh is not afraid to take on extra responsibilities and obligations, with her goal of constantly evolving and improving as a teacher.  She has a very exciting future and we have great hopes for her.  Ashleigh is a confident MELC team member who supports her peers anyway she can.


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