Meet Leanne

Office Manager

The position of Office Manager at MELC requires a myriad of qualifications and abilities and Leanne certainly has them in abundance.  With a wealth of experience in many office environments, Leanne is well and truly equipped to handle and manage all of the different scenarios that are thrown at her daily.  She is enormously important to the efficient and effective running of MELC and continually adapts and adjusts to any situation that arises. Perhaps her strongest asset, however, is her ability to show compassion and care to both our staff and families. 

Leanne continuously goes above and beyond what is expected and her dedication and concern for others forms an integral part of the smooth operation of MELC.   She is approachable and dependable, and always ready to offer help to families with concerns as well as ensure that everyone’s individual needs are met. 

As a mother of two children herself, Leanne understands the individual needs of children and how difficult it can be to juggle work and family life for parents.  

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