Meet Hayley


Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

Hayley has been at MELC for many years and we have seen her grow from a beautiful young girl in to a lovely young mum and teacher.  Hayley is one of the happiest people you could meet and with such an infectious laugh she always brings cheerfulness into the room.  Her vivacious personality and sense of fun, combined with her caring, gentle nature, means that children are naturally drawn to her. 

Hayley has a gorgeous way with the children and the ability to communicate on their level.  Professionally, Hayley has become a mature and thoughtful teacher with many nurturing qualities.  She has embraced the importance of being involved in the formative years of children and takes her teaching responsibilities seriously. Hayley is an action girl who loves water skiing and drag racing, which ensures there is never a dull moment when she is around and that adventurous spirit combined with her professional attitude makes her a vibrant and energetic teacher. Hayley is a much respected staff member and we all value her contribution to the MELC team.

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