Before & After School Care

For working parents, the years after their children start school are often the most difficult in terms of finding appropriate care before and after school hours.

At MELC, we have specifically designed our centre to accommodate primary school aged children (5-12 years) in a comprehensive before and after school care program, known as the “Grasshopper Club”. For parents in our local community this program guarantees a safe, reliable and fun childcare option from 6.30am to 8.30am and from 3.00pm to 6.30pm.

Both morning and afternoon services offer a program designed specifically for school children aged 5-12 years. The program includes a balance of both indoor and outdoor activities, as well as the government accredited Active After School Program which offers the children an opportunity to participate in supervised, structured physical activities

Most of the parents using our before and after school care service have their children booked in on a regular basis. We do however, also cater for parents who require care on a casual basis if places are available.

Before & After School Care FAQs

What activities do you offer for children in before and after school care?

We have a range of indoor and outdoor activities such as board games, table tennis, air hockey, art/craft, ball games, putt putt, golf, cricket and basket ball. We also have computers available for educational purposes.

Our Active After School program is accredited by the Federal government and exposes children to a range of supervised, yet structured, sporting activities and each session is run by a trained coach. The theme of the sessions changes every term, giving children an opportunity to participate in activities they may not otherwise receive. The emphasis is on keeping fit and healthy, and the program has been designed to encourage children to participate in sport and structured physical activity. All equipment is provided and there is no additional cost to parents for their children to participate. It's also a lot of fun!


What is your "Active Bodies Active Minds" philosophy?

For many parents, one of the main challenges they face is to ensure that their children get enough physical activity in their daily lives. This challenge is even harder when parents work and may not get home until after dark or at dinnertime, when most organised sporting activities have finished.

Recognising this, MELC offers the Active After School program for all children who participate in the before and after school care service.

The program is part of a Federal Government initiative designed to encourage children to participate in structured physical activity and foster a healthier lifestyle from an early age. There are no additional costs to participate and each session is run by a specially trained coach – ensuring your children receive the best possible advice and encouragement.

The program has a different theme every term, and all equipment is provided free of charge. Most importantly, the sessions are fun! They give your child a chance to get active and join in, whilst at the same time developing their gross motor skills and encouraging mobility.

How many carers do you have looking after the children?

We have one trained carer for every 15 children which meets the standard requirements for before and after school care.

Do the children get anything to eat while at MELC?

We provide an early afternoon tea as soon as the children arrive, which includes fresh fruit and nutritional snacks, and a late afternoon tea around 4.30pm. Breakfast is available to children in our before school program.

Does the before and after school care service have its own separate facilities?

Yes. We have a dedicated room specially set up for our before and after school care program. There are also separate washroom facilities - one for boys and one for girls.


What is the typical routine for children in before school care?

Typically, our before school routine includes:

  • Breakfast from 6.30am
  • Quiet activities eg. Reading, story writing, board games, music
  • Supervised homework time (optional)
  • Drop off inside school grounds
What is the typical routine for children in after school care?

Our after school routine includes:

  • Pick up from inside school grounds 
  • Afternoon tea
  • “Active After School Program” two afternoons per week
  • Outdoor games (eg. Ball games, cricket, putt-putt golf)
  • Supervised homework time
  • Indoor games and activities eg board games, art and craft
  • Access to computers
  • Late afternoon tea
  • Centre closes at 6.30pm
Do you offer casual bookings or do I have to take a permanent position?

We understand that sometimes parents need their children cared for before or after school on an ad hoc basis.

We can usually accommodate these needs however you will need to contact the Centre beforehand to check availability. Casual bookings are also available to parents who have their children booked in on a regular basis but occasionally require extra days.


Do the children have an opportunity to work on their homework while at the centre?

Yes, the children have supervised assistance with a trained carer to help them with their homework.

What is the "Grasshopper Club"?

At Maraylya Early Learning Centre we believe that learning should be fun. All of the children in our before and after school care program automatically become members of the Grasshopper Club. This entitles them to participate in the full range of Club activities, which are designed to expose the children to a wide variety of experiences both fun and educational whilst at the centre. The focus of the Grasshopper Club is to balance physical and educational activities for the children, by providing opportunities to participate in programs like the Active After School program

What does MELC provide at before and and after school care?

MELC provides:

  • Specially trained carers to look after your child, including homework supervision if required
  • Breakfast
  • Afternoon tea
  • Late afternoon tea/snack
  • All drinks
  • Art and craft materials
  • All games and activities in a purpose-built, modern facility
How much does the before and after school care cost at MELC?

We charge $35 per day for before school care and $42 per day for after school care.

Our Centre is licensed and accredited by ACECQA.  By contacting the Family Assistance Office and quoting our Customer Reference Number (407 185 690H) your rebate can be calculated. As of 2 July 2018 the new child care rebate system is in effect.  For further information please go to 

What are your opening hours?

We are open from 6.30am to 6.30pm, Monday - Friday, 51 weeks per year.

Parents are encouraged to come in and visit our fabulous facilities at any time, or to call us if you have any questions.

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